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Good Morning Y’ll 

Of course, I have been looking at the news this morning. It seems to be a regular thing with me. Browsing for some sharable tidbits, so I can blog about whatever I find.

This morning, I found some traits that you can have that help you live longer. That is of course, if you really want to live longer then you might want to read this.

Here they are,


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Strong Work Ethic 

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Strong Family Bonds

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  • Strong Work Ethics gives someone an overall purpose, a belonging, and a sense of contributing
  • stubbornness gives an added grit, required to last through difficult times or hard times and there is a need to adapt to certain circumstances
  • Strong Family Bonds tends to help us have longevity and studies have shown that those surrounded by caring and given respect from family members, usually last longer.
  • Positivity, well that explains itself pretty much. Stay positive, your body will love that.



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