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Interesting New Year Facts: 

1. New Year celebrations are not new. The concept actually dates back to 2000 BC. The Mesopotamians used to celebrate New Year!

2. 1st January as New Year was never a standard practice. Romans for instance celebrated March 1 as New Year. Some other cultures went for winter solstice or summer equinox.

3. The Roman Catholic Church was the one to adopt 1st January as New Year. Well, 1st January as New Year was marked by Georgian Calendar.

4. 1st January was accepted as New Year in 46 BC by Julius Caesar. England and the American colonies of England adopted the date long time later in 1752.

5. The month of January derives its name from a two-faced God named Janus. Janus’ one face looked forward while the other looked backward.

6. New Year is usually considered to be the best time for making resolutions. Resolutions usually mean people want to give up some bad habits and pick up some good habits but resolutions may not necessarily be about habits.

7. New Year gifts also date back to ancient times when the Persians used to gift eggs symbolizing productivity.

8. Whatever New Year traditions we speak of are actually meant for bringing good luck. For instance, eating black-eyed peas on the day of New Year is believed to bring good luck in several parts of the United States.

9. Speaking of traditions, we cannot miss out on the Estonian practice of eating 7, 9 or 12 meals on the eve of New Year. They believe that eating that many meals will give them the strength of that many people in the year that follows.

10. Finnish people have a weird tradition which goes by the name molybdomancy. This is all about telling fortunes. A small amount of led is melted in a small pan using a small stove. The melted metal is then thrown into a bowl full of cold water. The liquid metal solidifies and the resulting shape of the solid metal is then analyzed in candle light to tell the fortune of a person in the coming year.

Here are five interesting stats about New Year’s Eve for the traveler in all of us:

1. The top three places in the U.S. to visit and celebrate New Year’s Eve are Las Vegas, Disney World, and New York City. Airbnb has more than one million reservations on New Year’s Eve, 2015, including approximately 47,000 reservations in New York City alone.

2. The biggest international celebration is in Sydney, Australia. This celebration includes more than 80,000 fireworks set off over Sydney Harbour Bridge, with more than 1 million people in attendance to watch the show!

3. More than 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are consumed during the holiday season, and it’s the biggest day for champagne consumption.

4. Only 50 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and 25 percent of those give up their resolutions by the second week in January. The top New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, quitting smoking, sticking to a budget, saving money, getting more organized, finding a better job, and being a better person.

5.  Not all celebrations end happily. More vehicles are stolen on New Year’s Day than any other holiday according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

So for New Year’s Eve 2015, remember to not drive and drive, and to have plenty of fun. For more information, check out MarketResearch.com’s official website.

2018 - The Year in Review


Paleo/ In The Know

Getting a Handle on “The Paleo Diet”

It can be hard to enter into the world of Paleo, with so many different blogs, books, recipes, and interpretations of what Paleo even means. It’s important to develop your own understanding of what it means to you, and how you’re going to approach it.

What it is…
The Paleo diet is a way of getting back to our ancestral roots, before we started farming and agriculture and stopped hunting and gathering to survive. It attempts to emulate what we think our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten, focusing on fresh, organic produce, lean, healthy meats, and nuts and seeds for healthy fat.

What it isn’t…
It isn’t a typical diet where you’re counting calories, carbs, or grams of fat. The reason it works is not because of these arbitrary numbers but because you’re cutting out a ton of bad things for you body, and replacing it with healthier options.

QUICK START – Want to start on the Paleo diet right now, without the hassle? Click here to get the Paleo Grubs Book with over 470 easy-to-prepare Paleo meals, snacks, drinks and desserts, including a free 10 Week Meal Plan.

Foods You Should Eat – Here’s a list to get you started eating the foods that are “Paleo Approved”. Knowing these off the top of your head is essential for Paleo success.

Foods You Should Avoid – Avoiding the wrong foods is just as important as eating the right foods, so get familiar with what you want to refrain from while on Paleo.

Benefits of Paleo – Knowing why you’re doing Paleo creates a higher likelihood of sticking with it, so review the benefits so you know what sort of changes will be taking place.

Paleo vs. Primal – Once you start searching for Paleo info you’ll see a lot of Primal references. Here’s the difference between the two so you don’t get confused.

Deciding What Sort of Paleo Follower You’ll Be

Strict Follower – These Paleo followers go by the book and say that if Paleolithic man wouldn’t have eaten it, neither should modern humans. They will not allow grains of any kind, refined sugar of any kind, anything dairy, will seek out grass-fed meats and organic fruits and vegetables, eat wild game, and try to follow the protocol to the letter.

Loose Follower – Other Paleo followers take a more lax approach, and realize that in our modern world it’s not practical to eat exactly like a caveman, and they take some modern comforts into their Paleo approach. They might have some dairy now and then, or be content with pseudograins, or even have a non-Paleo meal once in awhile.

And of course there are a ton of Paleo followers that fall somewhere between being strict and loose, making up the majority of those that say they’re doing Paleo. No matter which way you decide to go, the Paleo diet will work for you because even if you only follow its basic tenets you’ll be eating much healthier food and cutting out a ton of the junk that surrounds you on a daily basis.

Mimic the Caveman Lifestyle – Here are 11 different ways you can be more like a caveman and enjoy the same athletic and fit physique. This covers everything from what to eat and drink as well as lifestyle changes you’ll want to make to be your healthiest version possible.

What to Expect While Doing Paleo

The First Month – The first month on Paleo can be the hardest, especially for those that have eaten a diet much different than the Paleo diet entails. Getting rid of sugar can be hard for those that have eaten a diet laden with the sweet stuff, and getting rid of bread and other grain-based foods can also be tough.

Beyond – After you get through that first month it’s smooth sailing for most. The diet kicks in, you start shedding pounds until you reach your naturally healthy weight, you have more energy than you thought you could have, you don’t struggle with food cravings before a meal or food comas after a meal. This is where the magic happens and where all of the Paleo believers out there got that belief. Make it your goal to get to the second month of Paleo and beyond so you can see the best results from your efforts.

Paleo Shopping List – Go to the grocery store prepared and you’ll come out with the things you need, while deftly avoiding the things you don’t. We’ve got it broken down by sections so you can get in, get out, and get on with your Paleo life.

114 Quick Tips for Paleo Dieters – Eventually you’ll run into trouble on Paleo, but with these tips you’ll be able to overcome just about anything, and keep on the track of success.

Paleo Diet Food Substitutions – No matter how long you’ve been doing Paleo you’ll still ask yourself “What can I use instead of…” Here’s a page full of different Paleo no-nos and what you should be using instead to stay on the healthy side of life.


Paleo Diet Guide

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I am on my 181 th day of continuous posting.

While this isn’t nor wasn’t a goal of mine, I am happy I actually have that much to post. Ha ha.

I have seen an increase in followers and for each of those, I hope they have found something positive, raw, helpful, and truthful on my webpage. I really would like to know I have helped at least one of them. Thank you if you are a follower or subscriber!!!! You make writing so much more special, for me.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I just wanted to add,

—-my Word of the Day has turned to Word of the Week, this is in part because I post so much daily, I figured I would lay of off daily words.

  • I have made some  changes but not too many.
  • I still love writing my own words, in poetry, and to be honest I have been fighting the urge to make a song from my poems , you know add music to them. I play the piano, and long ago, I wrote my own music with my own words. It was great.
  • I am getting Christmas ready for my three kids and grandkids, it is always a “hustle and bustle” time but it is great seeing the look on their faces.
  • I like the LAUGH a Little, I added to my page. What do you guys think of it? I believe laughter is good medicine, and needed in our lives with all the things that weigh us down.

I am so happy to say, I have made some awesome writer friends who support each other and they have become a part of my daily inspiration.

On occasion my poems may feel dark or down, do not be alarmed. It is a part of why I write. I would like others to know there is hope out there,, and you are not alone. I do not suffer any mental condition, like depression or like wise but I do know pain, fear, and emotions. I want to share those with others so they never feel alone and know they are normal in doing so.

I write a lot from my past, not so much my present. Being adopted changed me, and it brought out so many emotions and things that weighed down my heart and mind. Now as an adult with my own family, I learning more about how love and life is and I am so blessed to feel anything but that childhood pain. Yes on occasion I get down and out, and I do not allow myself to let it alter my present or my future. Like a student, I am learning more and more and hopefully one day I will sit back and say, “ah, that is what that was”.

Until then I will write with my all nd fell all those feelings as they come to me. I will not stop loving, stop listening, stop trying to better another person’s life. I will make the most of this life God has given me.



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Please continue to read, follow, and subscribe to my webpage.

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Thank you and remember to be loved is a precious gift.!