F A L L I N G…

…Like leaves during a burst of wind on a new fall day

Too hurt though standing

With not much left to say

Thawing inside from the brutal words

That came from your frozen heart

Nothing can comfort the frost bite I have already

Is it too late, or am I not ready

Like dew that forms on a still blade of grass

I often see myself as coming up last

Trying hard though, in spite of it all

Helplessly wandering,

Never towering, but  just very small

Like rain before a hurricane, I give a good effort

Even knowing that the storms will come

That is always a good beginning

At least, it is something

Oh, the things that plague me the most

They are the good intentions that sometimes go array

Falling to the wayside unattended

As if I had nothing left to say

Oh, if effort could really be all one needs

Things could certainly be different,

At least, for me.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂