Can Nonstick Pans Cause Weight Gain?/Information Share


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New research from Harvard suggests that they do.

Most nonstick pans feature chemicals called “perfluorolky substances”. These substances make surfaces resistant to food, water, and grease.

This compound can leach out into our food. In the two-year study this is the results…

  • Subjects with the highest concentration of PEAS in their bodies gained twice as much weight as those with the lowest concentration.

Experts believe that these chemicals interfere with the body’s ability to produce and respond to hormones. This can lead to increased appetite and fat storage.

  • One should discard any old, scratched, or damaged nonstick cookware.
  • Try using ceramic or enamel coated pots and pans.
  • Use well seasoned cast iron cookware which are naturally nonstick.

I got my information for my post from FIRST magazine for women, if you would like a subscription, click link below


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  1. I have never heard nor thought of this before. But it wouldn’t surprise me. Just look at the ingredients of our food and this all makes sense…

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  2. You will love an old post of mine, called Potjie or maybe Potjiekos. Taking you to traditional South African cuisine oozing from cast iron pots.

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