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Enter ‘Fries on the Fly’ Universal Car French Fry Holder for Cup Holder – Perfect White Elephant Idea, Stocking Stuffer or Holiday Present


Progressive Microwave S’mores Maker

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Slide 15 of 19: We would actually use this Nostalgia Retro Series Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster ($15).

Nostalgia HDT600RETRORED Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster, Retro Red



Cat Lady Old Maid

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Can Nonstick Pans Cause Weight Gain?/Information Share


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New research from Harvard suggests that they do.

Most nonstick pans feature chemicals called “perfluorolky substances”. These substances make surfaces resistant to food, water, and grease.

This compound can leach out into our food. In the two-year study this is the results…

  • Subjects with the highest concentration of PEAS in their bodies gained twice as much weight as those with the lowest concentration.

Experts believe that these chemicals interfere with the body’s ability to produce and respond to hormones. This can lead to increased appetite and fat storage.

  • One should discard any old, scratched, or damaged nonstick cookware.
  • Try using ceramic or enamel coated pots and pans.
  • Use well seasoned cast iron cookware which are naturally nonstick.

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This is my second book, “Heart Paths”, I  self published just a week after my first book, “HeartStones”. It like my first book could have used more editing. I guess it is true what they  say about getting better the more you try.

Heart Paths Cover

Heart Paths

I am going to be coping from my poem, “Strings”


There are places, people, and things

They will bring out  great happiness or complicated things

When you are caught up with any of them, as we sometimes do

They will greatly impact you.

It is strings that we hold to places, people, or things

That make us into who we are and sometimes what makes us sing

They can also make us weep, confused, or depressed.

That is how you know you once enjoyed things at their best.

Suddenly though, for no reason or rhyme

You find them gone or not worth your time.

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This book was my first self published book. It probably contains some grammatical errors or possibly mis-spellings. It was finished and published in 2 days. I hurried into it all I already had my poems, because I wrote them almost daily on my Facebook, to share with my friends and family on the social network.

I wish I had of included pictures and my quotes, but I did finally do that on my third book, “Heart Songs”. Yes, there is a pattern to my poetry books, it would be “Heart”. I write from my heart so I thought it appropriate to include it in my books. I have no real organized method in this book . Just poems that I wrote. I wish I had the fortitude to had made different topics with which to place my different types of poems in, but I didn’t.

So if you want a book that has poems written from my heart, this is good for that.

Cover for HeartStones

Heart Stones

Below I will share a poem entitled, “AS”.

As I had already knew

That nothing would change my shade of blue.

It was a color I was very familiar with

A common in my life ever since being a Smith.

My goals were simple back in the day

It was to be a singer up on a stage,

To be applauded for a song

Not knowing it was in my personal life, I needed applause all along.

As I dreamed of being a nurse

I wanted to help others who had it worse never felt that I couldn’t brighten someone’s day.

But often I wanted to cheer people up with words I could say

See, helping someone made my own problems fade

But unfortunately, it just took my mind off of them, they never really went away.

As life has a way of makings things seem so heavy and hard

Our hopes dreams, and aspirations get marred

Things that mattered once now fall on stony ground

They cannot recoup, nor any abundance be found

Sadly, they die and disappear

Nothing can grow there, sometimes for many years

As if that was that

It comes and leaves from where it is at

No rhyme nor reason

No hope, no change of the season

Nothing but despair

That is all that is left all too often there


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