Grandmother’s House/Blue, story continues…

There just was something good about going to Blue’s grandmother’s house, it was some of the best of times for her.

Blue was always asking her father when he was going to see his mother, her grandmother, and she eagerly awaited the conformation that he was. She would accompany him, and it was worth it, because there was nothing like being at her grandmother’s house. Absolutely nothing! Her grandmother lived with her sister, Blue’s Great Aunt. They both were different in many ways but they were so great.

Blue would sometimes get permission to sleep over at their house and she always took advantage of the time there. She had a whole lot of neat places in their woods out back and she found cool stuff there, outside. She learned a lot about gardening and creatures, like snakes, turtles, etc. There was always something cool to explore and learn. Her grandmother was real modest and outspoken, but she liked that about her.

Blue’s Great Aunt was the religious kind and she read her Bible every day at breakfast, while sipping her coffee and eating the soaked saltines she added to it. Blue thought that was very strange indeed, but still it was cool. Her aunt always did cleaning and washing and hanging clothes, domestic stuff. inside the house is where you most often found her Aunt. Her aunt was not a fan of bugs or snakes or bees and such. She liked staying indoors more than being outside. She would usually be found doing her crossword puzzles when she had finished all her inside the house chores.

Blue’s Grandmother was the outdoor type. She was the one who could shoot a gun, drive the car, fix the best food, and any other thing outside that she could do. On her porch was a rattler from a rattle snake she made into a rattle that you could shake, it had a wood handle and was sprayed with clear paint to make it shine. It was odd but cool none the less. Blue thought there was no one in the world tough as her Grandmother and thought that her Grandmother was the smartest person she had ever met.

Her grandmother owned a Collie named Lady, and a duck named Screech, and two smaller, inside dogs named Frisky, and Sugar. Her grandmother loved poodles and Chihuahuas. She also had owned ducks, geese, and rosters. I guess you could say she was an animal lover. Ha ha. Blue always loved to play and pet on the many animals there was at that house. It was like being at a zoo sometimes. There really was no place that she would rather be, especially in the summer and in the evenings.

Her Father would go every evening to see his mother. He liked taking her mail to her and getting a cake of cornbread. She baked him one every single day. It was hot and fresh and wrapped up in tinfoil. Blue often snuck a pinch of the crispy crust when no one was looking. It was almost too irresistible. The best cornbread she had ever tasted. Her mother would put it crumbled up in a tall glass of buttermilk. Yum, yum.

Being at the Grandmother and Great Aunt’s house was a much-needed reprieve for her. Since her home was so hectic most of the time, and a scary place a lot of the time, she really was in a happy place being at their house. It was a place where she could be a kid, stay up late at night watching, “Saturday Night Live” or comedy shows, all while eating whatever her heart desired. Her Grandmother was a stickler for a person needing to eat well. She said a person could not go to sleep without a bedtime snack. Heck, it was not like that at home. She had a long stretch from supper to bed without anything else to eat, other than what had been for supper. Not to mention she was watched like a hawk. Food was not free to choose at her house. Never had been.

Once she asked her Grandmother if she could move in and live with them at their house. Her Grandmother just smiled and said, “You can always come here, but you live at your house.”

Is that what a person called “living”?

She did not think so. So many times she really thought about talking to her Grandmother about things at home, and even talking to her Great Aunt but she did not think that was a good idea, because after all she was the Mother of her Father, and she knew how strong a bond that was. She never wanted to jeopardize her Grandmother and Great Aunt’s relationship with her. After all, they would just would never believe her, anyhow!

. Blue would quietly keep all her darkest secrets inside. After all a life with some love was better than a life without anyone’s love.


MwsR ❤



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