Fun, Fact, and For You, Friday


An internet sensation, the ever popular “Grumpy Cat” has been made into hundreds of thousands of internet memes, been depicted on t-shirts and the cover of The Wall Street Journal and the New York magazine. Just recently, the cat was given the honor of being cast in wax to be part of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum that is located in San Francisco.

But besides being known as the internet meme cat, the “Grumpy Cat”, whose actual name is Tardar Sauce, lives a relatively normal feline life. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, says that the reason for her cat’s perpetually grumpy expression is due to a combination of under bite problems and feline dwarfism. Tardar Sauce was born with her twin brother Rocky to normal cat parents in April of 2012 and right away the Bundesens’ noticed that something was just a little off with the feline. She was undersized and her hind legs where abnormal but the Bundesens’ say that Tardar Sauce is able to function like a normal cat almost “99% of the time”.

Feline Dwarfism is a condition due to a genetic mutation. In most cases, this mutation manifests itself in the appearance of shorter legs due to bone and cartilage disorders. While some cats like this are bred to have the embedded dwarfish gene, such was not the case with Tardar Sauce. She is a true genetic snowflake. In fact, that type of selective breeding is banned in several countries as it is deemed to be a form of animal cruelty.


See the source image


See the source image

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