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Torment In My Brain.  By MwsR
To many times I have let chaos be my norm

Many dreams turned into nightmares and kept me torn.

Peace was hard to have , to expect, or even see.

Why couldn’t I get some for little Ole me?

Moments spent pondering and rehashing old dreams,

Felt like I was coming apart at the seams.

Turning and tossing at night just to rest my weary brain,

Often times that had left me in so much pain.

It’s almost as if I’d let it all point at me like a gun in my own hand,

Aiming for my own heart was almost more than I could stand.

Will it ever end?

The silent miserable attack,

Or will it keep coming for me and pushing me on my back?

Maybe it’s like a curse, the one that holds true,

I guess you’re thinking, better me than you.

Thank you for reading 🙂