You Bring Me Rain, poem

Start of the day, it hits me

Like a ray of sunshine, only it is rain

The things I keep clutter my brain

Newness of the day is a mere distraction

There is no awakening from this, no retraction.

Soon as my eyes open, I can feel it

Like little beads that sting, upon my heart

If only I had been smart!

Maybe I could of prepared some,

Took shelter from those who cared, someone

Instead, when I awake in bed

I feel the rain

It kind of hurts like pain,

But it eases shortly after, insane.

Rain can be a life giver

It can keep something alive

Known this most of my life.

But, sadly it also brings me pain,

All the thoughts that I have hid in my brain,

Oh! This,

You bring me rain.

MwsR ❤

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