Without You, by MwsR

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Without you,

I had to learn to be a mom

Sometimes that meant wallowing in my own self pity

I had to love those who were unlovable

Had to heal things I really knew nothing about

Taking pride in the few accomplishments I had, for myself

Learned how to do balancing acts

Forgiveness and wanting you back

Tried to reach out a few times

That backfired on me, so I stopped

I had to continue dreaming when hope was scarce

It was because your love was too.

Without You

I stopped breathing naturally, and started inhaling deeply

My heart became prisoner to the things my mind knew

My spirit, well it took a nose dive or two

Nights were the hardest, and still are

My mind thinks in coordination with my heart,

The brokenness has never left

Your name still brings me pain

I think sometimes I would be better off insane

Without You

I started again

I picked up the pieces and ran

I held them together on a whisper and a prayer

The moments I was alone, and no one was there

Was the hardest and still can be

If I forget the me, in who I wished, or once believed

I want to be happy, be truly happy

Be comfortable in all my efforts and changes

Without You

I changed myself into the person I had to become

The one whose heart never ever won

Nor smiled for so long

The one with out you .

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