Today, if things that were not real suddenly became real

You would see shoes fussing about all the crap they take

Mirrors would bluntly let you know how you really are

Phones would refuse to text your abusive texts

Hand sanitizer would refuse to clean up your germs

Dogs would let you know how they view the world

Birds would start a spy business and make lots of money

Towels would continually get sick

Pens would scribble onto anything but paper

Doors would deliberately keep you out

Radios would play songs to you that it wants to

Computers would refuse to work

Clothes would find someone worthy of them

Chairs would sit on us

Tissue would go on strike, instead of on a streak

Products would ship us out

Cars would more than likely travel without us

Houses would relocate

Cats would rule

Beds would sleep without us

If things were real that aren’t in real life

We most certainly would be doomed.

Thank you for reading 🙂