In a land, where gypsies gather,

You can hear screams of laughter, not ones of terror.

All have their humble belongings,

Ordained with the most spectacular displays, each to their own longings.

No one is a stranger, they are just strange together

Settling for whatever

Even when the storms brew overhead

Or whatever kind of weather that may lie ahead

Nothing compels them so much as their sounds of music and rhythm

It would appear that in some way, creates for the, their own prism.

Dutifully they enjoy each other’s talents and ambitions

Each one given their own recognition.

A nice place to stay, a nice place to play,

Only if other communities acted in the same way.

Gypsy land is full of love, full of a jest for life.

You don’t have to be rich or live as someone’s wife.

You just need to contribute, your talent, your spirit

Just don’t fear it!

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