These Are The Best….by MwsR

Touch is beautiful when it is given
The opening of your eyes , when you start believing.
Smells that make your memories soar,
Waiting to go through the exit door,
Catching the sunbeam, as it shines close by,
Knowing you’re the sparkle in someone’s eye.
Trapping all the best of times
In your mind, before they pass you by.
Feeling the lines in someone’s face,
Knowing in your heart, they’ll never be replaced.
Lying close to the best one in your life,
Has been, since the day you became his wife.
Rubbing your feet with another,
Remembering the things you heard from your mother.
These are the best, yet fleeting times of your days,
It all carries meaning , even what you say.

Thank you for reading 🙂