Where Flowers Of Our Mind Bloom….by Michelle WSR

There is a place

Somewhere still to be found

A place where joy and love still abound.

There is a beauty so splendid

A peace and restorer of your soul

Where water springs up from a hole.

The noise you hear, you connect with

It’s not harsh or mean

It’s felt in the heart and cannot be seen.

There you will find only help,

Not dangers that rob you of living,

Just fortified help that gives just to be giving.

While there you will feel better

There will not be worry or pain

They’ll be no hurry to flee the place or go insane.

Our life is a reflection, some of the time bad

But sometimes, just sometimes it’s not

You’ll know when you find the spot…

Where flowers of our mind bloom🌺.

Thank you for reading 🙂