People…by MwsR
We meet all kinds.
We share with and trust a few.
For me, it might be you.
They come in and out of our world
They give us either great lessons or understanding
See the choices I’m claiming.
I see different traits
Different battles
And it’s their faith that settles.
Why do we just exist?
Among others
Mom, dad, sisters, brothers.
Why can’t we take something
Rearrange something
Are all our lives for nothing?
Make a spark
Let it grow into a fire
Reaching others as you inspire.
Teach and learn lessons
Give and take back what you can
That should be a rule for all of man.
Life is a journey, a game
We are the players
Let’s love and cherish
Never letting that perish.

7 thoughts on “Poem

  1. It’s interesting your list of what we are, brothers, sisters, fathers etc. All depend on the point of view. Trust is a big thing… don’t give it easily 🙂


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