Michelle Brand is an environmental designer who specializes in upcycling plastic bottle bottoms into decor features. Michelle creates plastic bottle flowers by cutting and sanding the plastic bottle bases and tagging them together using a clothing attacher gun.

As an environmental designer, Michelle focuses on working with materials that others consider waste. By turning discarded plastic bottles into art, she challenges the notion that empty plastic bottles are useless. Michelle was drawn to plastic bottles as she find the pre-existing shape and material a challenge. She excels with the medium and uses the plastic bottle flowers to create iconic ceiling to floor pendant lights and flower walls.

In order to make a 6 foot cascade lamp Michelle must hand assemble 540 plastic bottles after first washing, drying, cutting and sanding them. To her the plastic bottle flowers are more than art and carry an educational message to consumers about reusing so-called waste material. Michelle believes consumers are becoming more environmentally savvy and are drawn to upcycled products as they are interesting and exciting. High-end USA chain Neiman Marcus carries her Cascade Lancashire chandelier range.

plastic bottle flowers

Source: Michelle Brand

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