Perspective, By MwsR

There is a time to be present

And a time to be silent.

A time to think first

And a time to resist the urge.

There is a time to be sad

And a time we should be mad,

A time to shout

And a time to figure it out.

There is a season to change

And a season to re-arrange things.

A time comes, to dance around

And a time comes, to escape from our bounds.

A season to mourn for a loss we have had

And a reason to remember the good times that made us glad.

There are risks worth taking

And memories worth making.

For every heartache we share

We should empathize and care

For every thought that crosses our mind

We should watch our words and try to be kind.

There is a time to be proud

And times when we should not be loud.

Every thought, word, action, and event has a place

We all share this with one another in one way and shape.

Lets put things where they ought to be,

It starts with you and me.

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