Shadow(s), by MwsR

In the dark lurks a shadow
It is not cordial, to say the least.
It will rob you of your peace and mind
And slowly on them it will feast.

Light does not come close to touching it
It will sneak and hide away,
It always returns,
Especially at the end of the day.

No circumstance will help you
No help you will find
When in the shadows it waits
One day or another time.

You need to come to terms with it
Deal with it in your own way
Don’t try to ignore it
It will never go away.

We all have those shadows
In real life that manifest
If left undealt with they will grow
Slowly your hope they will ingest.

All rights reserved. MwsR2023

Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

MwsR Poem (from a Diabetic’s perspective)

What I Know(Diabetic’s thoughts)
By MwsR

It just takes one bite
And my sugar stays high all night.
One can of a regular coke
And feeling tired afterward is no joke.
Want to overeat
But knowing inside it will make my blood sugar peak.
At birthday parties pass up on the cake
Because you hate that “sugar high” headache.
Feeling tired all day long
The food you ate and what kind was all wrong.
Wanting to get in shape
Exercising only with enough calorie intake.
Going out on the town to a favorite food place
Catching the frown you’re given from your loved one’s face.
Being told “You know that is wrong to do”,
But asking them, “And just who the heck are you?”
It’s not thought about
Never easy without a doubt.
Diabetes is a complication and disease
But doesn’t have to bring you to your knees.
Take control, take back your life.
Make it count regardless of any strife.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022


Jaded by MwsR

Remembering things the way you see fit

I am not an idiot

Things were construed in this way and that

Perhaps it’d be better if all went “splat”

Seems pretty jaded

All the black and white has faded

Hard to trace, hard to be certain for sure

Looks like your the fish hooked by the lure.

Trapped because you want to be right

I wonder if it keeps you awake at night.

Seems to be jaded

Nothing ever gets corrected

Things just sit where they are,

Where they have been, at least so far.

Seems to be jaded

Why does your heart get traded

For falsehoods and misperceptions?

Like in a bubble is where you are

Too close but yet so far.



Perspective, By MwsR

There is a time to be present

And a time to be silent.

A time to think first

And a time to resist the urge.

There is a time to be sad

And a time we should be mad,

A time to shout

And a time to figure it out.

There is a season to change

And a season to re-arrange things.

A time comes, to dance around

And a time comes, to escape from our bounds.

A season to mourn for a loss we have had

And a reason to remember the good times that made us glad.

There are risks worth taking

And memories worth making.

For every heartache we share

We should empathize and care

For every thought that crosses our mind

We should watch our words and try to be kind.

There is a time to be proud

And times when we should not be loud.

Every thought, word, action, and event has a place

We all share this with one another in one way and shape.

Lets put things where they ought to be,

It starts with you and me.



Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

How we see ourselves is not always how others do.

It is a defining thing for the way we deal and interact with others.

Sometimes it really hard to come to terms with what we find out.

If someone takes the time to tell you things about yourself, that they perceive, perhaps we could benefit from knowing, and in turn, turn things around that might be upside down.

If we do not like what others see we can take the opportunity to change and help them to see us in a different light.

Who knows?

MwsR ❤