UPSIDE Down Grin,

Seems the world won’t stop turning
Despite the various places where things seem to just drown.
The place where you can’t see but wish to have an upside-down frown.
Constant grief, and disappointment
Nothing certain for sure, no commitment.
For some, despite their best effort their heart stays torn.
Underneath the Hubble, they have just doubt to keep them warm.
Chained to a burden so huge it can’t be moved…
Yet desperately they seek that very thing, to defuse.
How does one unchain their grief and pain?
Do they have to stumble so often and there remain?
Often time we visualize our paths in life,
But how quickly it passes when it crashes into your heart like a knife.
Embarking they find themselves, yet again,
Unto the very things that took such a tragic, solidified end.
The charm of life is in that one or two moments you feel whole again
If that’s even possible without the right side up a grin.

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