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Sadness~ Thoughts

As I awoke this morning, there were raindrops hitting the roof of my porch, and I could hear it. I am not a fan of rain, but on occasion, I tend to like it. it has a rhythm if you listen to it long enough. I am scared of thunderstorms that come with torrential rains, or hail, or damaging winds. This morning however, it was peaceful.

I was feeling stressed at my roof that has a leak in it. We need to put about a hundred dollars worth of new shingles on it, where it has been leaking. That causes me stress because I hate new expenses that I will have to incorporate into my budget. It may not seem like a lot to some of you, but I really have to plan around such new expenses. Don’t you?

I am trying to work through some sad news. My longtime companion, my cat, Meow Meow, was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in his mouth. I have had this cat for 13 plus years. He is my sweetest, most loving cat. Here is a picture of him…

He really is the best cat a person could ask for. Sadly I am going to have make the hardest decision about him and his cancer. Yes, his chances of surviving this cancer is slim. They did not give him any good prognosis. So I will eventually have to have him put to sleep before he starts to suffer from pain or the effects of this cancer.

My heart is literally torn and breaking for the fact I will have to make this decision. For those of you who have experienced this sort of thing, I am so sorry you had to. For those who have not, I am so glad. I pray you never have to. It really takes a toil on you.

Please remember me and my beautiful cat when you say your prayers, or send us good vibes, and love. I would greatly appreciate it.

Sadness…it is a terrible place to be, yet it stems from something that brought you so much gladness and happiness. MwsR

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~!

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