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Often we do not look fully at the honest to goodness value of things or people. We should always try to. There is hidden value in almost anyone and anything. Sometimes it takes an earnest double-take to spot hidden values.

How about that mailman? Or postal worker? How often do you fully understand their value to your own life? They make it possible for you to receive correspondence and bill notices, and things you might buy from online web purchases. Often we overlook the much-needed value of having postal workers or mail carriers. Just to name one in particular.

The next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a look at the mug or cup you have your coffee in. We often take for granted that we have something that can hold our coffee. Perhaps you missed the value of having something strong to hold that coffee in. Maybe you haven’t noticed the beautiful display someone painted or superimposed on your mug or coffee cup. Not only will that cup hold your coffee, but it gives you something that may inspire you, explain your thoughts in way of a slogan or quote, but it serves multiple purposes.


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