Did You Know, You Could Eat This?

Surprising foods you might not know you could eat (msn.com)

Slide 2 of 25: You may not have considered eating watermelon skin before but it’s actually very versatile. Grated rinds can be used as an alternative to cabbage in coleslaw or added to salsa. Pickled rinds are also popular in South Africa where they’re used to make a sweet jelly that’s sometimes served with cheese.
Watermelon rinds
Slide 5 of 25: Leafy beetroot stems are a great substitute or alternative to spinach, bok choy and Swiss chard. Like you would with other fresh greens, simply steam, braise or sauté with a little butter. You could even eat them raw, simply thrown into salads.
Beetroot stems
Slide 9 of 25: Deep-fried prawn shells (without the head and vein) make a tasty snack. The crunchy treats are simply made by covering shell-on shrimps in cornflour and salt, and deep-frying them. For a beginner's introduction to cooking with shrimp shell, throw them into fish stock.
Prawn shells

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