Surprising Cat Breeds You Have To See

Strange cat breeds you have to see to believe (

Slide 2 of 26: Not all cats of this breed have curly coats, but those that do will first start to lose their curls, then gain them back as they approach one year old and increase in curliness until the cat reaches around 2 years of age. The breed gets along well with people, other cats, and friendly dogs.  Related: Best Gifts for Cat Lovers That Are the You-Know-Who’s Pajamas
Selkirk Rex
Slide 11 of 26: The adorable Scottish Fold breed is named, of course, for its ears and its origins in Scotland. In a Purina database of cat breeds, this cat is noted for its sometimes strange posturing, "like lying flat on the floor with her legs splayed out, on her hind legs, sitting up like a meerkat, or lying on her back, paws in the air."
Scottish Fold

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