MwsR Writings

Story…. MwsR
A young freckled-faced girl who was growing older every day and wanted to believe that people never went away.
She believed in dreams and wishes; she held on to hopes and kisses.
Till one day it all changed. Her life was re-arranged.
She found out that life can be unkind that people will hurt others because they can’t love themselves, or they’re blind.
So she changed who she chose to be..started to set her guilt-free.
She taught herself that life’s about forgiving. If it ain’t it’s too hard for a living.
Others could not hurt her to her core…anymore.
She loved and stuck to those she adored.
Her life became hers again. She didn’t hold on to a bargain of her heart.
Her love was the key that set her free.
Now and forever she’ll be happy.

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