Homeschool Free Emergent Readers,Link Share

We all love free! Here is a link to some free emergent readers. I specifically look under the category, kindergarten. You can browse their many grade levels and categories. I am interested in finding anything free to use in my homeschool and have found this site to be excellent for doing just that.

Hope you enjoy it and can use this link.

Free Educational Apps

While there are plenty of educational websites, there are also many free educational apps, if you want to switch your focus a little bit.

Amy Hunt

Plus, there are so many brilliant educational apps out there that it makes sense to take advantage of them during this complicated time.

Amy Hunt

MwsR Writings

Story…. MwsR
A young freckled-faced girl who was growing older every day and wanted to believe that people never went away.
She believed in dreams and wishes; she held on to hopes and kisses.
Till one day it all changed. Her life was re-arranged.
She found out that life can be unkind that people will hurt others because they can’t love themselves, or they’re blind.
So she changed who she chose to be..started to set her guilt-free.
She taught herself that life’s about forgiving. If it ain’t it’s too hard for a living.
Others could not hurt her to her core…anymore.
She loved and stuck to those she adored.
Her life became hers again. She didn’t hold on to a bargain of her heart.
Her love was the key that set her free.
Now and forever she’ll be happy.

Porcupine Sam- poem by MwsR

Porcupine Sam had a webcam

He posted himself daily, live

His idea came to be

Because he was so prickly

He couldn’t help that

Noone would come near him

So he used his webcam

To show people Sam

And say what was on his mind

The webcam was great

If he never wanted closeness.

Except Sam did

He always had

But no one could overlook his flaws

So, the best he could get

Was being on his web cam

Although in his heart he wanted more.


Moral to this poem….

-Try to accept people as they are. Sometimes the person you see is the one you forced them to be, not their true self. Don’t be their reason to not be themselves.

-Nothing is worse than not being able to be yourself. We all should feel free enough to be our selves.

– Imagine…you, not getting to be who you were created to be.

Free byMwsR

My eyes of blue,

Saw right through you

The tirade you performed

Left my spirit broken and torn

I knew what I had to do

Get rid of you

So I made me a new life

Without you and your strife

Now you are a mere stain in my heart

But that is okay, I became smart

Left that stain as a reminder

Pulled up my big girl pants and took off my blinder

Finally, I feel free of you