Bread Rolls

As a child, teatime was an event at our home—comprising not just steaming cups of chai, but piles of snacks. Sometimes, those snacks would be sourced: samosas dripping with mint and tamarind chutney from a Bengali sweetshop, potato buns from the neighborhood Iyengar Bakery, masala vadas from a man in the market whose entire setup consisted only of a giant vat of boiling-hot oil atop a tiny handcart. Other times, especially on rainy days, the snacks would be homemade by my mom: onion pakoras, piping-hot pazham pori (banana fritters), and my absolute favorite snack of all, these bread rolls: fried to a crisp on the outside, warm and starchy on the inside.
Mama’s Bread Rolls×672/filters:format(webp)/c8743cc8-2a83-4984-bf37-a8d08d0e9e3a–2021-0126_my-family-recipe-mamas-bread-rolls_3x2_julia-gartland_125.jpg
Mama’s Bread Rolls

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