Broken by MwsR (just another poem)

It may be hurt but that’s not broken
Maybe fell but that’s okay
First a fool, then a nothing
But still trying to be something.
Too many chances
Too much clutter to push thru.
If only it was another time
A wide-open space
But it is not.
Retracing too many questions left unanswered
Misunderstandings to float around in the mind
It feels like death, not just being blind.
One word can replace so many more
Just by the tone or words used.
Taking upon your own
All the bitterness and wrong.
Losing not the many battles but the final war
Just because you feel
Because there is so much more
Left to have, to hold, to unfold
But alas it is too hard a task
Broken, that’s what will last.

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