Homeschool…Picking Out A Name

So, I have been contemplating what my homeschool’s name will be. After reading several articles and all the suggestions about considerations for a homeschool name, the main thing I learned was that you will be putting this name on the record books, graduation diplomas, etc. The suggestions were to carefully consider the meaning behind the name and to take a step back and see what “message” you send with a name.

I know it might seem silly to some but I wanted a name that reflects what homeschool with me might mean, or why it is special. After seeing several names that others had used I came up with a few of my home. I’m just not sure which one I want to use and if I will choose another one.

As anyone who is following me knows, I love ❤️ ‘s. I use them in my poetry book titles and collect them, and buy heart stuff.

Can I get some input from my followers, please? Comment on this post.

Let me know what you like from the three above. Thank you.


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