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Slide 2 of 5: Unilateral lower body exercises work one side of your lower body at a time (read: one leg at a time). These moves require lots of balance and coordination, says Holland, and strengthen leg muscles to keep you steady on your feet.By working one side at a time, Holland says this kind of training can also help you identify and fix muscular imbalances and weakness in the lower body. Think about it: Have you ever been asked to stand on one leg in yoga class and been fine, then switched to standing on the other leg and almost fall over? Unilateral lower body exercises reveal these kinds of issues and help you address them with more targeted training."[Unilateral lower body exercises] can dramatically improve your ability to perform the activities of daily living," says Holland. And by strengthening your legs and balance skills, you'll be less likely to slip and fall.Now that you know why they're important, here are a few unilateral lower body exercises to try at home. For each move, Holland says to aim to complete two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps on each leg. Do each exercise two to three times per week on non-consecutive days for optimal results, he adds. Want more exercise ideas? These Walking Workouts Will Help You Get Lean.

People often associate heart healthregular exercise, and nutritious diets with living longer. However, there are other equally-important factors that can affect your lifespan that get less attention. Specifically, falls and accidents.

Jessie Van Amburg 

One Secret Fitness Trick That Can Add Years to Your Life, Says Top Trainer (

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