Worst Coffee Creamer

Your favorite coffee creamer is a little touch of comfort that also makes mornings a little more bearable—and it’s just a drop, right? 

Krissy Gasbarre 
Slide 1 of 6: Your favorite coffee creamer is a little touch of comfort that also makes mornings a little more bearable—and it's just a drop, right? If you've secretly been wondering whether your favorite coffee creamer is actually as harmless as you hope, a dietitian has analyzed the nutrition facts of over a dozen brands to help you determine. Now, she reveals a few of the most noteworthy, including the one well-known creamer that you might need a wakeup call about… along with suggestions for some healthier, while also appealing, selections (plus, a little good news for every creamer fan).Keep reading to learn which coffee creamer brand a dietitian says you may want to avoid. Also check out the 10 decaf coffee brands that contain a harmful chemical, according to a recent analysis.

The #1 Worst Coffee Creamer on Shelves, Says Dietitian (msn.com)

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