Pumpkin Facts

Pumpkin Facts

Depending on the ultimate size of the pumpkin, it takes 80 to 120 days for a pumpkin to grow from seed to fruit.

Pumpkins are native to North America and are one of the oldest domesticated plants.

The word pumpkin is derived from the Greek word pepon, which means “large melon”.

Pumpkins have male and female flowers. You can eat these flowers! They are good for fighting colds, helping your bones, and strengthening your eyes with Vitamin A.

Honeybees play a significant role in fertilization.

The seeds from a mature pumpkin can be used to grow more pumpkin plants during the next growing season.

Pumpkins are a warm-weather crop and are typically planted in July.

95% of the US Crop of pumpkins are grown in Illinois.

All pumpkins are winter squash.

The color of pumpkins derives from orange carotenoid pigments.

Although pumpkins are typically orange, they can be yellow, white, green, and red.

According to science, the pumpkin is a fruit.

The largest pumpkin ever recorded was over 1800 pounds.



Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

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