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  1. walk or travel at a leisurely pace.
    “on Sunday we bimbled around Spitalfields and Brick Lane”
    synonyms: saunter · amble · wander · meander · ramble · dawdle · promenade

Word of The Day

From my Alexa Morning Brief, my word of the day is…



sang-froid (noun)
composure or coolness, sometimes excessive, as shown in danger or under trying circumstances.
synonyms: composure · equanimity · self-possession · level-headedness · equilibrium · aplomb · poise · assurance · self-assurance · self-control · nerve · calmness · coolness · countenance

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Word of the Day/Share

From my Alexa Morning Brief!


-Extravagantly emotional

-Emotional Expression


-Figurative use of Rhapsody

So, there you have it, a new word for your vocabulary.

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MwsR ❤

Word of the Day/Share

Good morning everyone!

I am listening to my Alexa and the morning spill she gives me when I say, “Good Morning”. She gives me a word of the day, and today the word is…


It means obvious.

I am thinking to myself it is cool to learn new words, so I am going to post a new word, or not so new word, however the case may be when I can.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Michelle Aka MwsR ❤