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11 words  from which to choose…

Watching the NEWS, you will soon start to see more than not a STREAM of bad news. This can cause a person to REGRET watching it. Our world is filled with so many things that can take a person’s CHEER. There are things we hear about and see that are happening . Those things can STING and hurt to our very core. I choose to write and express some of my feelings in blogging. It is a good thing when we can let that stuff DRIFT out of our heads, and away from our hearts.

With EASE we can try to go through life, if we keep our hearts FREE of the hurt. If we live life with no regrets. That does not mean that there won’t be periods of hurt and disappointments, and like watching the news there won’t be turmoil or dying or suffering.  The fact is that we do not have to BINGE on all that negativity. We all hang on to our life by a FRINGE of hope. Without hope we have nothing that matters much. There would be no need to ever change things or be optimistic.

TO SAIL through life we need good wind(hope), a good current(optimism), and good weather(experiences). Without those things, we are “dead in the water”.

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321 Quote Me Challenge

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

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Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.
Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’
Note: Although this is the topic for today there is no specific deadline to it, meaning you can answer as and when.

Thank you Rory,https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2018/11/11/321-quote-me-good-health/ Healthy quotes are really a good thing to read, and I am happy to post some for others to read. Being Healthy is one of the things we should always strive to be.


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Richard , who is a dear writer friend of mine. Check his webpage out and his photography.





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Finish The Story, November#1/Challenge accepted


Copy the story as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
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Tag only 1 person to continue the story
Have fun!


Are You Coming Over?

The table was set just as it had been for more than sixty years. The place settings grew from two to thirteen in the early years, but for more than forty years, it had been set for two. Marjorie sat at the table and lightly spread orange marmalade on her toast and looked out into the backyard that was once filled with laughter. Now, snow was starting to fall on long silent echoes of the past. She looked across the table at the empty place setting. A silent tear trickled down her cheek.

When she was finished with her morning toast and glass of water, she washed her dishes, put everything away, and listened to the silence. The birds had left weeks earlier and her neighbor poisoned all the squirrels, so it was very quiet now. There used to be ten families of squirrels that would eat, chatter, run, and play all year-long in her garden. Their happiness attracted the winter birds to the garden. She and Bill would sit for hours holding hands and watching the animals play as their child once had.

All was silent now. Their children all grown and long since moved away. Henry and Francis were lost in the war, cancer took Sally, and Benjamin was too busy with his children. She understood. That was the way life worked. Still, it would be nice to hear from him once in a while. She was so tired of the quiet. So very tired.

A light knock on the door caught her by surprise.

“Just a moment,” she called out.

When she opened the door, a little girl in a white summer dress stood on her door step and shivered.

“Goodness,” Marjorie said, “Who are you, and why are you out here in the cold without a coat?”

The girl rubbed her arms and said, …

To Be Continued

(written by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith)


nothing. Marjorie could not understand why this young girl was all alone and most certainly without proper clothes, Since the little girl was not speaking, Marjorie tugged at her arm and pulled her inside the warm house.

It was obvious that this little girl did not come from a home where there was enough money and things. Her feet were very dirty and her hair looked as if she had not ever seen sight of a hairbrush. Underneath her fingernails appeared to be dirt or mud. She was very dirty in appearance and Marjorie was feeling more pity as she studied the little girl who was before her.

The little girl said nothing, but gave special attention to the pictures Marjorie had upon her walls. She also rubbed the frames each one by one with her fingers as if to study the woodwork. She remained quite but acted as if she knew this house and all that was inside it, like an old friend. It puzzled Marjorie but her thoughts gave way to finding some warm clothes and running the little girl a very hot bath, with which to bathe herself. Her mind also thought that perhaps she should call the police and report this little girl to them, but she felt a sense of nurturing and wanted to make the little girl as comfortable and warm ass possible.

Although the little girl did not respond she acted as if she knew where the bathroom was and led her own self up the staircase and into the vicinity of the bathroom, waiting for Marjorie to follow in behind her. Marjorie dismissed this odd and strange coincidence as that little girl must have heard the running tub water, Although in the back of her mind she was starting to get uneasy at how comfortable this mute little girl was, in her house.

Marjorie found some clothes and handed them to the little girl and told the little girl to go ahead and wash her self, put on her clothes and then come downstairs and that she would find her something to eat. The little girl just stared at Marjorie for a couple of very silent seconds and then turned towards the bathroom, went inside, gave another look at Marjorie and then shut the door behind her. Marjorie said to herself, “Well I think she knows what a bath is at least.” It appeared that way at least.

In just a little under an hour Marjorie was so sad and feeling so very lonely, yet now she had a complete stranger in her own bathroom, with no explanation or resolution as to how or why. “Stranger things have happened”, she thought to herself. Or have they? She quickly went about looking for something with which to feed the little girl when she came downstairs. She remembered that once there was a story kind of similar that appeared in the local newspaper.

It was a grim story though and the ending was way to tragic to think upon. The story went on to speak of a little girl who apparently showed up at the door of a person living near where Marjorie lives now. The little girl was also mute and found to be very strange and yet very comfortable around these people, just like this one Marjorie had in her house. The story went on to write about the investigation of this little girl and showed that this little girl had been abused by her mother and father and then buried alive out back of her family’s yard, while still alive. The little girl in that story actually unburied herself, and never was the same. Although the house she stumbled upon took her in and tried desperately to help her, the little girl had remained mute and eventually was found hung ni the storage building out back.

No one wanted to rehash that story up since there was such mystery surrounding it and such tragedy. Marjorie recognized the similarities in that story and the happening with this little girl, could it be the same child? “Preposterous” , she thought. Maybe it was her own grief clouding her mind and judgement.

(written by MwsR <3 )

To be continued…

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Worth A Thousand Words (WATW)/Challenge

Worth A Thousand Words (WATW)
For this prompt, simply take in the photo below and let it inspire you. Follow where ever it may lead and take us along with you.


Each Halloween the children played their spooky and silly games. This year though as in years past, something was lurking. No one noticed that their shadows upon the wall were acting on their own accord.  The shadows were alive.

The children were so busy in their games that they failed to see the way their shadows were conspiring to overtake them. A simple game of bobbing for apples was being turned into a game of chance.

Would the children see that they were not acting on their own but that the shadows were controlling their every move. Would Sally actually dive for an apple and end up at the bottom of the pail of water drowned? Would the pumpkin that was lit beside of Angie turn into a fiery flame and gulf the children in its power?

The shadows of children past had done this type of thing. No one could explain the death of all those children in the past. This Halloween the shadows were back at it. They preyed on the innocence of children and made them vulnerable to attacks and most certain deaths.

Un suspecting and trusting were the children, This made them easy to haunt and control. If only their were adults watching those children as they played…but alas they were not around.

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Wordle 374



I believe that all people bring something to this melting pot, we call the world.

Some are full of CHARM, with them comes a feeling of pleasantness. Some are rather “SALTY” meaning they are more likely to be sassy and brazen with the things they say.  That is okay though, because we would not want everyone to be like cookie cut-outs, where everything is the same, now would we? You also have those people who come from a different CLASS of economical measure, than you do. Not everyone can be rolling in the cash. Some people fight to save what they can up for hard times, while you could have another class of folks that never save a dime for the long haul. Some suffer without the needed money they so desperately need and that is sad to see. It is just fact that not all of us can be “well off”.

You have people also that you meet in life that are “take CHARGEkind of people. They do not wait around for the others around them to do something, They just jump into a situation or circumstance and get busy doing what needs to be done. Their consistent nature will RESONATE in the heads of those that witness their “get up and go” attitudes and hopefully something of that will rub off on another person. Eventually that type of effort will SINK  in another person’s mindset. It is like a trickle down effect. Like a COIL  that can spring back and forth never giving under pressure, people resemble that more often than not, especially when they have good examples around them. The same though, also can be said of bad examples.

As Electricity can be dispersed to various places, so can the actions and words of a human race. Like a NEEDLE in a haystack, we all have somethings we hide from others. That is okay, somethings are best to be kept to ourselves. We have the ability to PICK and choose what we bring to the table. This SITE at WordPress allows some of that to happen, just by allowing people to express whatever it is they want.

Like a contagious WAVE we all affect each other in one way shape or form. Let us make it a good effect and let us be kind and understanding to one another.

MwsR <3


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Finish The Story/Challenge



Finish the Story – October #8
October 18, 2018
The Haunted Wordsmith


The Path
“I don’t like you going jogging all by yourself in the morning,” Evelyn said over coffee one morning.
“Mom, it’s fine,” Julie said. “Besides I like running when there are fewer people out. It’s just me and nature.”
Evelyn sighed and shook her head. Like father, like daughter. Frank liked going running in the mornings too. She just couldn’t stand the thought of losing Julie too.
The following morning, Julie tied her tennis shoes, patted Baxter’s head, and headed out the door for her morning jog. Mist floated just above the ground. Julie smiled and pulled out her phone to take a picture. She loved morning fog. It was so mysterious…so creepy…so alive.
As she started down the jogging path that wound between the tall pines of Horseman Hollow park, she …

felt happy and she was being salubrious.

She always enjoyed jogging. Often she would plug-in her earphones and listen to several songs she recorded on her MP3. This kept her mind clear of all the many difficult things in her daily life. It was always for a short time, of course, until she had to get back into the daily grind. For today she was going to make the most of her exercise. She was increasing her heart rate as she started jogging faster than her previous stride. She had heard if you slow down some and then speed up some you would be doing a lot more good than keeping at the same pace.

Sometimes, if she was honest with herself, she let things that she saw out of the corner of her eyes, scare her. This morning the fog was rather thick , thicker than she had seen this year. She couldn’t help but notice that things were especially odd this morning. Contrary to her usual morning jog, this morning seemed different. This path had the tallest pines in the area. The woods around the trail were so thick and crowded. If a person was to get off the trail, they would surely be lost. She imagined that if a person wanted to plan a murder, this would be the ideal place to come to. The danger of that thought gave rise to her curious nature and her fondness of the whole place.

To be continued…

-Copy the story as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
-Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
-Tag only 1 person to continue the story
-Have fun!

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Worth A Thousand Words (WATA)
For this prompt, simply take in the photo below and let it inspire you. Follow where ever it may lead and take us along with you.


Once a lover of fine things, Ecubog was a most selfish and prideful man. He did not care what something cost him, if he wanted it he would most definitely buy it.In his dark and lonely house he had wall to wall things , that through the years he had acquired. He proudly displayed them on shelfs along side one another.

I often wondered why he did that, when most certain he would never let anyone come by and see them. I guess he was happy looking at them all on his own. I met Ecubog while running the local merchant shop for my Uncle. Often he would come in to pick up something he had ordered from our catalog. He never said “Thank You” but he would surely tell you of the history behind the many expensive things he would buy. I have to say, I learned a lot listening to his talk. I was referred to as ” hired help” when he came in, never did he once use my name.

Anyhow, one day while I was working, I had several calls into the store, message after message asking if his special thing had arrived yet. I personally was getting tired of his fuss and rude repeated messages, so I answered the next few calls. He was so eager to get this “special” thing that he swore me to secrecy, lest I saw what it was. I was not sure why he asked me to remain quite upon any findings, but I sure was not going to get on his bad side. He was rather ugly when angered and I really did not want his anger towards me.

So when this “special thing” arrived I tried not to read anything on the outside of the package. I also needed help from the delivery guy to get this heavy thing inside the shop. I called Ecubog and told him of the arrival of this thing. He quickly hung up and it took him a whole ten minutes to arrive. After paying for his thing, he swore me to secrecy again. I must admit the curiosity was immense. I really wanted to know what he had bought. After bidding him good day  and thanking him for his patronage, I had an hour before getting off of my shift at the store. I went into my sales book and tried to look up the very thing he had ordered and wanted so very much.

After much searching I found the very thing he had purchased. It was rather ugly and made of cement, no wonder it was so heavy. It had a face on it and it looked like an old man who was stretched out on a platform of such. The more I looked at it, the more it took on a different understanding for me. I read the caption under the picture, it said, “Be careful wanting more than you deserve”. What on earth was the meaning for that ? My imagination figured that this face on this cemented sculpture was a person who once wanted more than they deserved. I imagined that they were frozen in cement, in a stretched out position. The stretched out position was to represent, a load of something so big his arms were stretched out so desperately, to hold, onto whatever it was.

This sculpture was most haunting to me. I quickly shut the catalog and went back to tending the store. Ecubog came in to the store more times in the days ahead, but I never got the courage to ask him, why he chose that particular thing to buy. I wish I had because weeks after he acquired this sculpture, he was found dead, in his basement. The apparent way he was found haunted the local police department covering the death. Rumor has it that he was found stretched out just like that sculpture that he had bought weeks before.

In my mind I assumed that he was a person who wanted more than he deserved and possibly his arms were stretched out unbearably far, because of the greed in his heart. I guess we will never know…

MwsR <3

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