Stay For a While/ poem share

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STAY For A While

The sky can turn dark

Just like a person’s  heart.

The eyes can get damaged looking for blue.

Even if there, it still seems to be true.

Excitement can be fading

Just like a story sometimes does when it keeps replaying.

To think too much about that person gives that person too much power

That’s not how anyone wants  it to be, even if it means being belittled or having to cower.

If we were meant to get damaged looking for joy

There would be so many damaged and nothing left to enjoy.

When searching, search for consistency

Then there will be no mystery.

In looking above, remember your footing

It is there that is important.

Try to look around as well

Remember  it’s not the journey but how well you can tell

What truly makes you smile

And will actually stay for a while.


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Her heart, she displayed like a billboard sign. There was nothing left, at least not much anymore. Even though she discarded a lot of her past baggage somewhere alongside the never-ending road, she still had some that managed to show up, mixed in a lot of her  other emotions.

Whenever she wanted to rest, she would sit a spell and contemplate life. Thoughts that ran through her mind would create a crevis here and there, that she would ultimately fill with more baggage. Her past and it’s harshness created the many seasons of change she would experience through out her journeys on that never-ending road.

If she was lucky enough, there would be people to engage with and create with her a relationship of trust and comfort. Many times though there was people who took more than they ever left her with, in regards of trust and comfort. She always felt like she was never good enough or strong enough, yet each time she received damage of some sort, she stood back up as if to carry on.

Her heart was a crutch, yet it kept her steadily moving down the never-ending road. Sometimes painful more than steady but it held her up, when it was needed. Now it was that she had very little left of that heart. Not really of her own choosing but rather her lot in life and one she had to handle on her own.

She often thought to herself, “If my heart had wings, It could fly out of danger wherever it was”, yet that was a long stretch to say the least. She should know not to imagine far out things because those things never come to pass. At least not for her. It was in the fragments of things left behind, and yet to pass that she stretched her reach for things of hope. “If I could piece together all those fragments, then one day I might be whole again”, she would always say.