My Quote

When you walk in the light, you have a shadow.
Although the shadow doesn’t define you, you still have it.
Just like a shadow,we each have something that follows us. It does not have to define us.
We can choose to stay in the “light” and learn from our shadows.
Learn. Live. Love.

It’s Not Alright/Poem Share

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It’s not alright to make another person cry

To make another person want to die

You think you’re powerful but you are weak

One day you’ll lose that “winning streak”

There is so much more , know what’s at stake

Don’t make yourself, their biggest mistake

Making someone regret the day they met you

Is an error at best, against you, it’s true

People aren’t perfect, or don’t you see

No one asks, “Come belittle me.”

Maybe it’s not physical torture but watch what you say

Maybe it projects out from your mouth in a different way

If you can’t leave someone better than they were when you found them at first

Then just leave without such an outburst.

Man was not meant to be treated like that

To be used simply as someone else’s doormat

A simple rule of thumb should be, if you don’t want it back, don’t give it

Life isn’t just simple sometimes, or fair

But don’t hurt another, DON’T YOU DARE!

Things have a way of coming back to you

Don’t believe me, but it is true.

MwsR ❤

*** I changed the original content, that I first wrote.