3d-broken-heart-with-tears-tattoo-design Streaming, silent words that you wished you’d said

Thinking of what is worse in your head

Mixing a signal or two, wondering what to do

These are the times when you start to cry.

That is your heart extensions.

Crying is not for the prideful or to boast

Usually it is to summon your inner most

People see the hazed eye look, where you have tears

But little do they know those tears are so much more

Threatening to expose you for your feelings inside

No need to run, no need for them to hide.

There is nothing wrong with feeling blue

I have even cried a few times when I feel amused.

That is just your heart extensions that sometimes show

No problem with it, even if people know.

Be you, feel and release

Those heart extensions usually do that and give us converted peace.

Thank you for reading 🙂