Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

We’ve all seen how livestock, including cows, sheep, and goats, love gnawing on grass. It’s fine for grazing to be their pastime because their stomachs are able to digest all of the cellulose in grass. Unlike those animals, dogs are omnivores, related to meat-eating hunters like wolves.

Christina Vercelletto

Are Air Fryers Safe?

It’s “essentially a convection oven,” says Abbie Gellman, a New York City-based chef and registered dietitian. “However, the fan that circulates the air spins more quickly.”

A convection oven cooks food faster than a standard conventional oven, saving energy. While an air fryer may use the same principles of cooking, it comes with a big bonus: air circulation.

Are Air Fryers Healthy? Here’s What Registered Dietitians Say (

a person cooking food on a table