The Reason For, by MwsR

In the quiet of the day

When thoughts start to invade

There are reflections that appear

Maybe of a person, you hold dear.

What is their significance in your life

Do they pose something for you without strife?

We must reflect only to direct

To change our focus perhaps,

We don’t need to relapse.

Past things are to be remembered

But they are not to diminish our slumber

Or to dictate our future

This is the measure of becoming mature.

Yes, remember

But never stay too long or linger

Our future can be a pleasure

Our past can interrupt our harmony

Believe this from me.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

Photo by Maria on Pexels.com

MwsR Writings

Have you ever felt really bad about something and wish it had never happened?😞
I think everyone has at one time or another.
Maybe it was a spontaneous thing or a premeditated thing.
That does not matter. Forgive yourself. Let it go.
Life is about living,making mistakes,learning, and loving.
Love yourself …flaws and all.