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Such A Day, by MwsR

Such a day, as never I’ve had…

The one where you come to me

Telling me, you are sorry

In my thoughts, I have imagined it were so

But actuality always prevails.

Staring at my blank page

I remind my self of what it should be that matters most

Not your opinions, or shortcomings

But my faith and hope in things

The constant desire to keep those around

Especially when your reminders abound.

This the start of better things

Of smarter times spent

When strategically shown to me, I know

That I mattered all along.

Thank you for reading 🙂



Grow slower

Learn more

Reap benefits

Sow gladness

Teach love

Grab memories

Leap gracefully

Stand firm

Believe miracles

Forgive always

Ask thoughtfully

Preserve yourself

Linger if needed

Leave when asked

Finish everything

Cling without smothering

Test your skills

Work with pride

Hug others often

Lift another up

Be the change needed

Save your own self

Remember to be strong

Pray for our world

Cherish everything you have

Push towards your goals

Accomplish what needs accomplishing

In the end what matters?

You, me, them, and us.


Thank you for reading 🙂