Just Getting It by MwsR(and thoughts)

How many of you have been in situations, periodically throughout your life that you did not really look at with uncritical, un-bias, or jaded thoughts?

I am referring to the struggles with family or friends, or loved ones.

Let me start off by saying, I have most definitely, throughout my own life. I am old enough now that I can look back on my life with somewhat of an open mind. There most certainly was a time when everything I remembered was jaded. I was letting my own personal opinions cloud the reality of the situation or perhaps I let my own bias come into the picture when I remembered back. This poem I am writing is written with this in mind. Hope you enjoy it.MwsR

Just Getting It, MwsR

Often times, all I wanted was to be loved
Never giving any thought to the love from above.
When I was sad, looked for comfort and apologies
But sometimes, people were not ready to give that to me.
Feeling alone mostly with my hopes and dreams
Life is seldom really as we believe
It goes deeper than that, what a relief!
Because if all we had was our own thoughts, we would give up on true belief,
We’d also probably swing in the tallest trees, because we’d not know any better.
We would pursue things that didn’t matter.
If we ever get one thing in this life, it would be to just get life,
Just to get it, in its true expression is a most special gift.
We all have problems, sadness, and regret.
We all have our own opinions, our own way of seeing, its like a bet
Either we give it all to risk getting it, great or small,
Or we try with our best, so to stand tall.
This is something we must teach ourselves,
Life is so much more.
Our perceptions, our reasonings, are our own
That doesn’t mean they don’t count,
It just means that there is more, keep an open mind.
Like me, maybe all you can see, is your thoughts
Then like me, things will certainly be clouded for you
Perhaps jaded and persuaded, too.
Open your mind, seek things from above,
Learn to unselfishly give and Just as important, learn to receive love.
I was never alone, never really without love.
I took my longings and let it lead me to Him, above.
Now I know, I just get it.



When life gets you down

And turns that smile into a frowns

When taking in criticisms you feel you are about to drown

I hope you know it hurts me too.

When all you want to do is flee

Things that hurt you bounce back to me

It is not as helpless as it seems

When you hurt, I do too.

Whenever silence takes a back seat

The world can be cruel and on your back it will try to beat

Don’t fall down, turn around with your feet

I will be there, whatever hurts you.

Hurts come in all strange ways

Falling from your heart strangling what we want to say

It is okay

Just know you are never alone.

MwsR ❤