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Gardening Tips~Watering

Vegetables go through stages when they are at their most sensitive to water for good growth and development. When your veggies are in this phase of growth, be sure to water. Always water thoroughly so that the water soaks in deeply and encourages the roots to follow.

BeansFlowering until harvest
CucumbersFlowering until harvest
EggplantFlowering until harvest
PeppersFlowering until harvest
Sweet peasFlowering until harvest
TomatoesFlowering until harvest
MelonsFlowering until a few days before harvest
CabbageHeading (which is just about all the time)
LettuceAll stages
SpinachAll stages
OnionBulb enlargement
Sweet PotatoesPotato enlargement

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I Am/Poem Share MwsR

I am a pool without  moving water

abstract aqua blue clean
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A cup with nothing left in it to drink

Separated, like an egg that cracked and is broken

A traveler, traveling back into life, again.

No refuge to be found for my battered mind

Makes me reflect on things from this life of mine.


I am a winter that’s cold wind blows

When the outside starts to freeze

My ability to thaw starts by praying on my knees.          ws_Windy_Winter_1600x1200

I ask for pardon and reprieve

Although I may not deserve it.





I am a storm that is strong and sporadic

Never showing my full potential, manic                   IMG_9482

Leaving parts of myself in all I touch.

With my touch comes many things

Could be some lightning, or a hurricane.



I am me,

Just who I am supposed to be.

Sometimes going through life blissfully

But sometimes failing, you see.

Part of making it, in existing

Having a real life, that is worth living.

MwsR <3



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