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talesfromthemindofkristianWord of the Day February 6, 2019

The Word of the Day is Toxic

Write a Poem, story or anecdote, inspired by this word.

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Toxic, By MwsR

You say you care

But I fail to see it

I know you are struggling

But it is not my fault

I did not create your corner of your little world

You did

But yet, I am here having to pay.

I wish you could see how it feels to be me

Living with you and your TOXIC ways.

I will resign to follow far behind.

Just to give myself some sense of mind.

Thank you for reading 馃檪


Word of The Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Freeze.
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MwsR <3

You gave me words, that seemed so cold

You gave nothing yet took it all

I saw no hope, or peace, or love

I felt like I would be swallowed up by that cold.

My heart kept beating yet somehow I just froze.

I needed things from you, yet you gave none.

My life had this cold, hard, freeze

From the way you treated and failed to love me.



Thank you for reading 馃檪

The Word of the Day Challenge

The word for today is DINGY.


I use to think life was going to be kind to us no matter what. Haha, not true. On the contrary, it is not going to happen. Life is what we all make out of what we have been given, regardless of our wants.

Don’t be a DINGY, and believe that you will always have roses and Champagne, instead of sorrow or rain…we get both!





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Word of the day Challenge/Accepted



[藢man蓹f蓹藞st膩SH(蓹)n, 藢man蓹藢fes藞t膩SH(蓹)n]

manifestations (plural noun)
an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.
“the first obvious manifestations of global warming”
the action or fact of showing an abstract idea.
“the manifestation of anxiety over the upcoming exams”
display 路 demonstration 路 showing 路 show 路 exhibition 路 presentation 路 indication 路 illustration 路 exemplification 路 exposition 路 disclosure 路 declaration 路 expression 路 profession
a symptom or sign of an ailment.
“a characteristic manifestation of Lyme disease”
sign 路 indication 路 evidence 路 proof 路 token 路 symptom 路 testimony 路 substantiation 路 mark 路 symbol 路 reflection 路 example 路 instance
a version or incarnation of something or someone.
“Purity and Innocence and Young Love in all their gentle manifestations”
an appearance of a ghost or spirit.
apparition 路 appearance 路 materialization 路 visitation

late Middle English: from late Latin manifestatio(n-), from the verb manifestare 鈥榤ake public鈥.

high angle view of pencils on table
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In one’s mind often we have undeniable manifestations of our feelings.

They can come across into our daily living if we do not place them where they should be. Often times it is something we our own selves have dreamt up. Be careful lending an idea or theory to be truth.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 馃檪

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Word of the day Challenge


gun metal barrel
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Today’s word is Renegade.

He had a tattooed arm from his hand to his shoulder. Strong looking with a partial beard and a mustache that magnified his top lip. Some say he was a loner,聽some say he was a biker, although some would say he was a RENEGADE.

He never spoke much and never seemed to form a friendship with anyone. He just sat at the corner table at the local bar. He would stare down his glass of beer.

Many wondered what had brought him there and it was about him, that made him walk alone.’Till one evening when a person came in. They walked over to his table and offered him their hand. He looked up at them, then stood with slowness and no smile. People took notice and started to eavesdrop. Who is the person who had broken the stare of this 聽could be “RENEGADE”?

It was told by one of the waitresses there,that this loner, this biker, this renegade, just聽had to bury his whole family one day. He had lost all that was dear to him.They had been murdered in their sleep. That was a lawyer coming to him, to tell him they caught the killer. 聽Now he was all alone with his grief. He did not ask for company to join him there in that bar, because he was afraid that they to would die. He assumed the killer had not been caught, or maybe that the killer was watching him.

He just sat wide-eyed at his beer, while the world passed him by. No loner, no biker, and no renegade was he, just trying not to deal with life, because of the loss he felt inside.

Thank you for reading 馃檪


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