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Meow Meow
Meow Meow

I love my Meow Meow very much. He is the sweetest cat. Sometimes, he will press his head against mine to remind me he loves me too. He also loves to kiss me, and I enjoy that. He has brought me such great companionship and is a part of my family.

Me and My son

My son, who is my youngest child. He is still the same pretty eyed boy as in this picture. Although he is grown now and is 18, soon to be 19, he still has my heart.


This is Inky, he is my second oldest cat, and he is such a sweet boy. He constantly grabs my hands for me to rub on him. I can’t imagine my life without my Inky in it. He is and will always be precious.



More Things in My Life


My grandbabies, one of my grandbabies is not pictured.


My Poppy(cat) and Aurora(dog), they are growing up together and the best of friends!
The first house I lived in after being adopted. It is now for sale.
My Tigger(RIP) and my Checkers( the kitten)