I was nominated for the Liebster Award

Https://photosociology.wordpress.com/ Richard Keys, nominated me for the Liebliebster1ster Award. He is a photographer and of course writes. Like me and probably you, he writes for a reasons of expressing his feelings and thoughts. I love reading his blog. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. His pictures are amazing and he really has a passion about what he does. Thank you for nominating me, it is truly a surprise.


The Guidelines for Being Nominated are

The GUIDELINES for the 2018 award are as follows:
Thank the person who nominated you
• Display the award on your post
• Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging
• Provide 10 random facts about yourself
• Answer the questions given to you
• Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award
• Ask them creative and unique questions of your own
• List the rules and inform your nominees of the award




Why am I passionate about my blogging?

I am really a newbie in this blog thing and I am learning more and more each time I read someone else’s stuff or the WordPress blog posts. I enjoy writing, I always have. What started out as a simple diary from my childhood , later became my heart in words on paper. When a person deals with emotional upsets, they express their dealings or experiences in different ways. My way of expression is poetry and just writing. I came on WordPress to promote my books, but found so much more here. I hope that one day, I may help someone or give enjoyment to someone, and possibly a little hope too.

10 Random Facts 

  1. I rode the 1982 World’s Fair, Ferris wheel in Knoxville Tennessee.The Giant Wheel was the largest Ferris wheel in the world at the time and the park’s tallest attraction at 165 feet. It’s currently the second tallest wheel in North America. I was stuck motionless on the very top too.
  2. The largest crowd I ever sang in front of was 500 people. It was a school function.
  3. I once went to a singing audition, sang a song from Mariah Cary and won first place. I was offered a record deal and an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.  I  had to turn it down although it had been a dream of mine.
  4. I take 2 shots a day for my Diabetes.
  5. I have never traveled outside the USA, although I wish.
  6. I am not a victim anymore, I am a survivor.
  7. I love all walks of people and always thought I would be a nurse when I grew up.
  8. I have never went on a cruise ship. One of my wishes .
  9. I can play piano.
  10. I live in the same town as the family that raised me but never see them. Long story.


Questions for me to answer from Photosociology

How straight is straight?

It depends on who is observing.

What would you think I was referring to if I told you to ‘put it down’?

Feelings. Put my feelings down in words.

Why are swans graceful?

They don’t know they are beautiful.

Would you be a superhero or a sidekick, and what would your name be?

I’d be a sidekick, my name would be “Humble”, why because I think being ‘Humble” is what we all should be.

If you could remove one letter from the English alphabet, what would it be, and what consequences do you see coming from it?

Hmm… I guess it would be “e” because it usually hangs in the end of a word and it is unnecessary there.

What was the last thing you lost and never found? What do you imagine has happened to it?

I lost my sense of innocence. I wish I had never lost that. I envy babies and children they have it. I think somewhere in between my knowledge of things and adulthood, that is where I lost it.

What significance does the number seven have to you? What memories do you associate with it?

It reminds me of the days of creation in the Bible. I think of a week as well.

I remember learning the days of creation in school. I went to a Private Christian School.

Young and completely broke or old and disgustingly rich?

Old and rich, because I would give that money to those in need.

If a giant squirrel had commandeered your mode of transportation, whether car, moped, bike etc., and seemed to know how to make it work, what would you do to stop him?

I would not, I would enjoy watching it.

If you had your own coat of arms, what would I expect to find on them to describe you/ your family?
You would find a weight, a heart, a music note and possibly a light.


My Nominees are









If I nominated you answer the same questions as photosociology used for me to answer. Thank you

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