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Long ago, I knew my life was not completely my own

Faultless I was not 

But that was okay

We are made to play in the games of life,

Despite our will fighting against that

If I were faultless it would be a mistake 

So I end up playing with my faculties in tact

Sometimes I stumble and take a quick look back

But that is not the most consuming of my life

It is when I want something that I am not to own

Like say, those that I loved in my lifetime

Those who I am now without

The ones who made me what and who I am

Those who would rather be a ghost in my life now

So see my life is stuck, kind of in a bind

Hinged upon those people in my mind

Life will not be my own until I release 

The overbearing, lingering memories, and the real

Thoughts, that in this poem I spilt.

MwsR ❤

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