I cannot remember the day I first found you.

I recollect the day with such sadness, but gratefulness

It was when I was told I was adopted.

Life on that day was strange

I remembering feeling like a piece of me was incomplete

Like I was no longer wanted , yet I was.

A whole bunch of feelings and that is when I found you.

I was changed that day.

hanged into someone who would go to wonder on in life

Like a wild animal.

I would not be satisfied till all my questions were answered.

Instead of feeling normal, I now felt like I stuck out.

I learnt what disappointment and rejection was all about.

I talked to you in my own special way

Hope you would save yourself from all this that would come your way

I did not know if I could handle you and my ownself

Hopeless at times I was, but feeling your presence

That brought me some sense of peace.

I knew we were together in this forever

Till death and whatever else there would be.

You have always supported my actions,

Remembered all my dreams

Helped me to be transparent at times

And strong when I needed a boost.

Thank you Heart, even if the feelings were not always the best

You are with me forever, until my final rest.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂