It is unmeasurable, the grief

The regret, swarms my heart.

Nothing in this present day can make it better

Now, If it were to had been taken care of, back then, perhaps!

Only solitude and thoughts can even begin to start a process

With every remembrance of things, working through

No one is suspect of all the turmoil,

Not even the magnitude, in my heart, lays

Silence invades the outer edges of my tranquil garden

The one where I planted all my pain

In this garden, things that were left to grow, now they take over

The absence of pursuing the many weeds have left me void of profit

It has greater calamity and stress.

Where if I had of stayed with it

Creating a great profit, I would not be here

Where I am now.

Everything will take its own time,

It will in its time, take over.

If you leave things to the wayside, they will creep up again

Even bigger and more stronger than before.

Tend to the gardens in your heart and thoughts

Do not forget to

It will be a long time coming, but it will eventually show you

What you did or did not do.

How you cared for or did not

Same for the garden in life, as in the heart.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading šŸ™‚