Goodbye By MwsR

Her views of the world are somewhat abnormal,

Like rain that fills the grave, of someone who lies cold.

Neither consequence or percept will determine her next move.

The path is determined by things long ago and old.

Her values are placed in the things and people who continually are there.

Like texts books in an abandoned high school, they can be still relevant.

Often reading the same chapter of her life each and every time, she searches for meaning

Never, is there a need for the final chapter, just the subsequent ones post haste.

Her laughter will definitely hide her million insecurities,

It is contagious and appears to be the real deal,

Often it will hide her heart, and the way she more than not, feels.

Wise to some degree, she has learnt who to share her dreams with.

With the slightest hesitations and reserve, she’ll share once more.

Her pain serves as a crown for her, each stone in it, is a lesson she must learn

Each adorning detail, is from all the tedious effort she gives, in just living.

With doubts and fears, she will live each day

Never fully resting, never really trusting, but always clinging to the good in others

The good that will justify her giving her trust, if it really is trust.

Her appearance can hide a multitude of worry.

You would not guess so much, just by looking at her.

It would appear that things are fine and dandy

Rich and blessed,

Like even her own heart takes a rest.

Her goodbye’s are never really goodbye’s

She will speak the words, but hold them in her mind.

That one little hope or that thing that she holds onto, will never tire

It will never let go.

Always, it will be there, in the creases of her thoughts,

On the pages that she writes,

In the songs that she sings.

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