Long Term Effects Of A Low Carb Diet

Best says protein is a vital macronutrient that our bodies needs in order to thrive—in fact, it’s one of the three nutrients from which are able to get calories, which are essential when it comes to nourishing our bodies and providing us with energy. Protein is also an especially important nutrient on a cellular level; Best notes that “it is needed for creating and repairing cells.” Additionally, eating an ample amount of this macronutrient will help reduce appetite, keep our bones healthy, and even lower blood pressure, among other things.

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4 thoughts on “Long Term Effects Of A Low Carb Diet”

  1. I have to take B12 and D every day. But not C right now because it’s part of my eye vitamins that I have to take for Macular. I also cannot take extra calcium because I only have one parathyroid and I have to be careful of my D intake bc of my kidney. I’m a walking, talking, praising miracle of God’s grace!

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  2. Very interesting. I read the other day that people with bine injuries like myself should increase their intake of vitamin d and folic acid and also c. To help repair the bones.

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  3. After my stroke, I was told to make sure that I increased my protein intake because it helps build cells. The cells on the right side of my brain were destroyed by the stroke, but the neuro told me that protein would strengthen the other cells to take over their jobs as my brain developed new neural pathways. And sugar actually slows down the brain function so I have to watch my sugar intake.

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