Inescapable Knot by MwsR

Been thinking about you from dusk to dawn
Wishing we could talk again, all evening long.
You came into my life at such an impressionable age
Showed me how to dream while in the most imaginable state.
I wonder often if I cross your mind
Leaving you breathless while not being far behind.
I carry you around like a clown carries his props.
Never letting you go for fear my heart would drop,
Or my heartbeat stop.
There are times I swear I hear your words
If I told that to certain people they’d think me absurd.
But it’s true and deep
And follows with every heartbeat.
You changed my mind, filled my soul
Like frost that is inseparable from the cold.
One blink I feel I might lose sight
While holding you in my heart so tight.
A dream, I think not
Just an inescapable knot.

All rights reserved@2021MwsR